Terms of Service

Through the use or contact with representative entities of Kronos Gaming Network, you agree to the following terms defined entities within these terms:

'the provider' - Kronos Gaming Network support infrastructure and associated staff. 'the service' - any product sold such as game servers, voice servers or otherwise. 'the customer' - whoever purchases the service from the provider.

The provider shall not be liable for any monetary costs or indemnity received as a result of notified or otherwise unavailability of the service.

The provider has the full discretion to discontinue the service provided at any time, with or without an applicable refund.

The customer shall not use any services provided by the provider in order to progress illegal operations or otherwise immoral (at the discretion of staff) operations.

The altercation/changing of service ip, ports and/or slots is prohibited and your service may be cancelled without applicable refund.

The customer is not entitled to a refund for the remaining days if he/she cancels the service.

The service is provided 'as is'. therefore any support provided outside the stock-standard service is complementary and never a requirement of the service.

If the customer’s service becomes the target or becomes involved in any public, private, legal or physical action such as the following, their account may be terminated without notification or refund:

Denial of service attacks SYN floods Hacking/reverse engineering Data mining/gathering Spam/unsolicited email distribution Legal pursuits Adult material distribution Any illegal activity that is applicable to the service location and the customer’s locations Affiliate accounts are provided at the express discretion of Kronos Gaming Network staff. Customers of Kronos Gaming Network cannot gain referral benefits from servers under the customer's ownership nor if there is a believed conflict of interest.

Kronos Gaming Network reserves the right to change or modify these terms with/or without prior notice.


Data Security

Our control panel is easy to use and gives you the power and flexibility to manage your service.


Solid State Drives

Each of our hosting nodes has four Samsung Pro SSD's. We don't charge extra, this is our standard.


Unlimited CPU

Each package allows for unlimited CPU usage. Any time of the day. With no on-peak restriction.

Sydney, Australia

We are located in SY3, near Sydney CBD. Providing low latency gaming to the Oceanic region.

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