Welcome to Kronos

Located in Sydney, Australia. We provide low latency, high quality game server hosting to the oceanic region. Our custom built hardware will keep your services online and secure. You can deploy a game or voice server in seconds and our dedicated support team will look after you.

Supporting the latest games. We have everything from ARK: Survival Evolved, ARMA 3, CS: Global Offensive to Minecraft, Rust, Team Fortess 2 and more. Hosted on our powerful cluster of dedicated game server nodes. Service upgrades are just one click away, without losing any data.


Easy To Use

Our control panel is easy to use and gives you the power and flexibility to manage your service.


Instant Setup

All our servers are ready to go with plenty of space available. Setup seconds after payment.


Always Online

Our network is secure and protected. Your game service can run 24 hours a day with no contracts.


Network Protection

Our network is protected from a variety of cyber attacks, so you can continue gaming without worry.

Built for Gaming

All our nodes have dual configuration Intel Xeon series CPUs. With 24 cores at 2.66 Ghz per core, we give you the power you need and won't limit your resources. Each of our powerful gaming nodes has four Samsung Pro SSD's, configured in RAID 10. We don't charge extra, this is our standard.

Our dedicated servers are purpose built for game server hosting. Each one has at least 72GB of server memory. We use DDR3 1333Mhz ECC RAM. ECC memory is necessary where data corruption cannot be tolerated under any circumstances, such as for scientific or financial computing, even gaming.

We run both Linux and Windows servers so we can provide the best support for most games. Our gaming network is protected from malicious attacks and will always be available for you to access. If an attack is detected, you won't get disconnected. The connections will be mitigated and you won't even know.

Friendly Control Panel

Our game control panel is easy to use, and powerful at the same time.

Here to Help

We work around the clock to keep you online. Our friendly staff are ready to help when you need it. Support offered in a variety of ways. Live chat through our website, Steam, Support Ticket and even Discord.

Kronos caters to you. If you need a custom built gaming solution, we are here to help. Whether you need a few mods installed, custom game added to our hosting list, or even a new community deployment. Kronos can help.

If you are interested in a free trial, please submit a support ticket and we will get back to you as soon as one is available. Trials usually last up to 48 hours, and can be upgraded to a full service at the end of the trial. No data will be lost during the upgrade.


Data Security

Our control panel is easy to use and gives you the power and flexibility to manage your service.


Solid State Drives

Each of our hosting nodes has four Samsung Pro SSD's. We don't charge extra, this is our standard.


Unlimited CPU

Each package allows for unlimited CPU usage. Any time of the day. With no on-peak restriction.

Sydney, Australia

We are located in SY3, near Sydney CBD. Providing low latency gaming to the Oceanic region.

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